There are many religious festivals from around the globe. Dance is a great way to make these religions come alive for your students, and to celebrate the diversity of the students you have in your school

Using dance to teach religious education is a great way to open up a subject. We link different religions to their traditional dances from around the world.

In the dance workshops we will give an outline of the religious festival and any stories linked to it. We explain the rituals and customs, as well as how dance is used in that festival, and the significance of it. This gives a rounded learning experience for the participants.

Music, costumes and props

We will play traditional music and where possible your teacher will wear a dance ‘costume’ to link in with the style of dance/country it’s from. We will also show some props (if possible), linking to the certain religion.

Some of the religions or religious festivals we can teach for you are listed below, along with the dance style we would teach:


Nirvana and Wesak – Thai dance or Indian dance workshops


Diwali and Holi – Indian dance workshops


Passover, Hanukkah, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur – Israeli dance workshops


Ramadan, Eid-Ul-Ahda –Egyptian Belly dance, or Indian dance workshops


Vaisakhi, Birthday of Guru Nanak – Indian dance workshops


Lent, Easter, Christmas – Traditional English Country Dances

Chinese new Year:

Chinese dance

Or please get in touch if you have another religious topic you’d like us to cover, as i’m sure we can teach a dance workshop to compliment it.

Children showing Chinese fans they have made

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