Dance is a great way to raise your fitness levels, get the blood pumping, tone up, and increase your strength – while having lots of fun

Using dance to teach physical education makes a change from the standard PE lessons.

Some students don’t enjoy the competitive nature of PE classes, being put on the spot and watched by class mates. So doing a dance class makes a nice change for them to view sporting activities in a different way.

Health benefits of dance

Dance is a great way of introducing fitness into your life. It’s vital to stay fit and healthy, eating a balanced diet and getting regular exercise.

Get off your phone/computer/tablet!

It’s very tempting for young people to be glued to their phone/tablet, so finding an exercise they enjoy is half the battle.

Using dance to teach physical education is a good way to get them interested in a physical activity that they will continue out of school time.

During your dance workshop

Students often don’t realise how fit you have to be to dance. During our workshops students enjoy the new challenges it brings. It opens up a whole new world of fitness, whilst being creative at the same time!

  • Learn a new skill
  • Increase your fitness
  • Stay healthy
  • Take your mind of any anxieties
  • Have fun
  • Learn how to create dances
  • Feel inspired

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