We teach curriculum maths topics using simple movement ideas and motifs which the children can relate to, understand, and apply to their maths learning

This is great for KS1 and KS2 children as we physically use our bodies to talk about numbers which makes it easier to visualise. For example by getting into groups of different sizes, we then add and subtract bodies to increase or decrease the group size. This is a simple way of showing this equation and there are many more dance exercises/games that we do during the dance workshop.

We also use language such as increase, decrease, rotation, spiral, add, subtract, multiply etc which gets the younger students familiar to mathematical language and their meanings.

We also have some really great street dance style music which we use for maths dance workshops. It has lyrics all about times tables and adding and subtracting body party, which children really relate to, with a cool hip hop vibe.

We aim to give the students a new confidence in maths and to raise their understanding while having lots of fun.

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