Contemporary dance is used to teach a creative dance about any geographical angle you are studying

Abstract themes such as clouds, wind and rain can be shown in a new light through movement and dance.

Get in touch and let us know your topic and we will give you some ideas of how we’ll teach it, the potabilities are endless….

Here are a few ideas for you from previous Geography dance workshops:


Hills, valleys, mountains, forests, streams, lakes, pathways, ditches, cities, motorway etc


This would include movement based on sun, growth, light, water, plants, oxygen, earth

Solar System

This would include movement based on planets and the distance between them, sun, shooting stars, moon, space travel, astronauts, rockets


Wind, rain, hail, lightening, sun, fog, pollution etc

The Desert

This would include movement based on sand, space, camels, sun, Egypt – Pyramids and Egyptian dance or African dance

Countries of the world

This would include dances from different countries all over the world. Please see our Dance Styles page for a list of the ‘World Styles’ we can teach. One style can be taught to every class, or different countries per class.

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