Spanish fusion dance workshops are popular in schools for KS1 and Ks2 students. It encourages children to get used to physical contact and teamwork, from a young age.

Spanish dance is often performed in partners. These partner dances are great for getting children use to working together in pairs.

Workshop content

  • We teach the basic Salsa steps adding in some more technical turns for older students
  • Introduce a little Flamenco clapping and postures
  • Try some Samba rhythms with fancy footwork
  • Paso Doble adds character and lots of fun into our Spanish fusion dance workshops

Spanish and Latin dance styles

  • Salsa – There are many styles of the partner dance called Salsa. The most well-known styles are Cali-style (from Colombia), Cuban-style, LA-style, New York-style, Puerto Rican-style.
  • Flamenco – clapping and stamping rhythms with drama
  • Samba – fast carnival footwork
  • Paso Doble – based on a Bull and  Matador with lots of capes flying dramatically

Spanish fusion dance workshops are popular in schools for KS1 and Ks2 students. It’s great for getting children used to physical contact and working together from a young age.

The strong upright body stance and facial gestures are fun for the children as they can develop a character and really get into the mood of the dance.

We tailor the Spanish Fusion class to the age of the children, for their level of co-ordination and ability. It is a great good style to help increase co-ordination, and as they work together, it is great for promoting team work.

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