We believe that dance should be accessible for everyone – no matter what your ability. Our SEN dance workshops give everyone the chance to experience the joy of dance

Our SEN dance workshops are for all ages and abilities. Dance is a wonderful way of expressing yourself, therefore we want everyone to be able to enjoy it.

Our Zest teachers are highly experienced in working with children and adults – no matter what their ability, or disability. We are used to working with participants with different physical or learning disabilities. The feeling of excitement and warmth we get back from the students at the end of each workshop is amazing.

We are all built in different ways, so we need to appreciate what our amazing bodies can do. So it’s important not compare ourselves to other.

Our dance workshops ensure that everyone feels included, therefore we encourage everyone to adapt the movement to suit their own body.


Often we don’t know who we will have in our workshops until we meet everyone on the day. This is challenging adapting to everyone’s needs – but we are very experienced in making quick changes to our lesson plans!

  • Our workshops can adapt our workshops for people in wheelchairs, or for seated dancers
  • We bring in props and costumes to make it really visual and sensory for partially sighted or blind dancers
  • We’ll keep the music volume low for those with sensitive hearing, or those who don’t like loud noises
  • We are used to working in noisy environments with unpredictable young people!

Our special needs dance workshop are great for for KS1, KS2 and KS3 students.

Sensory Costumes and Props

Your teacher will dress up in a costume inspired by the dance style you have chosen. This gives an added dimension to the topic you are learning about. We bring in costumes for the students to look at (and sometimes try on), and where we can, we use props to dance with.

Style of dance

The style of dance is up to you to choose. Maybe you are studying a particular topic, or theme? We can teach a dance workshop to fit in with that.


Take a look here if you want to learn more about some dance workshops we have done for groups with additional needs.

Visual impairment dance workshops

Grapevine Group in Essex

Please contact us for more info on these workshops, prices, and how they would work for your school.

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