Our secondary school dance workshops are aimed at KS3 and beyond

Our Secondary School dance workshops are tailored for beginners, intermediates or the more advanced students.

Teaching a range of dance styles, and specific GCSE and A Level dance workshops, making them very appealing to both boys and girls.

Our dance workshop lengths can vary. We can teach a course of workshops over several weeks, just come in for a few hours, or a whole day. Let us know what you require.

Healthy mind and body

Dance is a great way to introduce exercise into your student’s lives. They learn a new skill, have fun, and therefore keep fit and healthy. Dance has links to maintaining a healthy mind, which is vital for teenagers. Read our blog on the amazing benefits of dance to find out how dance can help you.

Dance Styles

All of the dance styles or themes that we teach can be adapted for KS3 classes. We want to challenge your students as well as give them confidence in their dancing ability. Therefore we are very careful to pitch our workshops at the right level.

See our Dance Styles page for all the choices we can offer you.

GCSE and A Level Dance

Zest has many years experience in choreographing set pieces for GCSE and A Level dance in schools.

We are used to choreographing to specific exam music, exact numbers of dancers and lengths that the dances need to be – so tell us what you require.

If you don’t have the time to teach your class the set study, are struggling with choreography for an exam, or have ‘dancers’ block’, let us know and we will help you to overcome it!

Book your workshop today!

Why not treat your pupils to a dance workshop? We are based in London but have teachers across the UK to bring our workshops to you.