A difficult one to define, as our physical theatre workshops can be very varied. The form that we teach is very energetic, so be warned, you’ll sweat!

What is physical theatre? Well there are many different answers to that question!

It’s a bit less technical than some dance styles, and it can be more experimental. It’s great for encouraging non dancers, or actors, to move more – without scaring them with a full on technical dance class.

Our physical theatre workshops can be based around any theme or topic you like. Or you may be working on a play and want to incorporate some dance and movement into it – that’s where we can help.


We can work with different aspects of dance and theatre – to inspire your physical theatre workshops. Here are some ideas:

  • Props. Think of an interesting prop you can use. It can be something simple that all the children can get easily – an umbrella, a book, a chair, a scarf
  • A site specific dance suited around an interesting space. We love this idea at Zest. Imagine a dance based in the school kitchen for example – that would be so much fun!
  • Text. Incorporate text into a dance piece
  • Acting and using your body in less expected ways – for example using lower levels only, or dancing with your eyes closed!
  • Physical Theatre is a good introduction to dance for boys as it can be less girly than they might expect dance to be, and they get to throw themselves around!

Physical theatre school project

One fantastic project we did in a school in Liverpool involved physical theatre and dancing in different locations throughout the school. For the performance the audience followed the dancers around as they danced in the school office, science room, playground, IT suite and finished with a finale in the dining room with the tables laid out for lunch! It was an amazing week long project hugely enjoyed by the school and us at Zest.

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