Online Dance Workshops

Online dance workshops – live or pre-recorded dance workshops for your students!

During the global pandemic when many schools across the UK were on lockdown – it was vitally important for children to have some exercise, fun, and sense of normality still in their daily lives. That’s where our online dance workshops came in – and they are still going strong even though the restrictions are starting to lift!

We don’t want anyone to miss out on creative learning, and the physicality of our dance lessons. So we have adapted our teaching resources so that online teaching is a seamless experience for all involved.

Lesson planning for teachers and delivering class lessons online is draining – so why not let us do some of the hard work for you?!

So if you are on lockdown, or maybe it just suits you more to have session online – please get in touch to discuss your ideas…

“Thanks for doing the Google Classroom dance lessons for us today, they were fab and it all worked really well!” Amit Patel, Deputy Head at Smallwood School, London

Our online dance workshops are suitable for:

Early years, KS1, KS2, KS3 and SEN students

Choose the dance theme or style:

Take a look at the dance styles you can choose between. You can have different styles for each workshop, or the same style for all classes.

Live classes via Google Classrooms/Zoom

We have been delivering our dance workshops as we would normally, but with the help of technology so that we can stream live to your students.

Whether they are at home, still in school, or a mix of both.

Our Zest teachers are happy filming from their homes, having a professional set up with fast Wifi connection.

We will connect to your preferred platform at the time that suits you. We are happy to use Google Classrooms, Zoom, Google Teams, Skype etc

You can choose the length of live session:

Early years and KS1 – we recommend between 20 – 30mins

KS2 and above – we recommend between 30mins to 1hr

The live workshops include:

  • Intro on the chosen dance style or theme
  • Showing costumes and props if it fits the theme
  • Warm up
  • Dance game
  • Teaching a short dance routine
  • Cool down and stretch


30min live session £40

45min live session £60

1hr live session £80

Half day online school workshops:

A half day workshop lasts 2hrs and you can fit in as many different workshops as you’d like in that time £180

Full day online school workshops:

A full day of workshops lasts for 3hrs in morning and 2hrs in the afternoon. You can fit in as many different workshop as you like during that time £275

Full length pre-recorded dance workshop videos

There is no substitute for live dance workshops face to face – but our pre-recorded lessons come pretty close!

Until schools are safe to book workshop providers to come into schools again, Zest is creating whole dance lessons which are pre recorded for your class/school to enjoy.

You can choose the theme, topic or dance style you like, and we will make a professional video especially for you.

They include:

  • Personal intro for your school
  • Background info on the dance style
  • Showing props and costumes
  • A warm up
  • A dance routine
  • A stretch and cool down
  • Videos last around 45mins in total
  • Choose between a KS1 or KS2 video
These videos link to the curriculum and support the topics you are learning.
You will get a private link to the video, so you can watch it as much as you like and share it with other classes in your school.


The cost is £80.00 total for the video.
So if you would like one for your school or group, please get in touch.
Let us know your ideas, and we can make one especially for your school!

Mini Taster Videos

We have created some taster dance videos which are FREE!

Our video tutorials teach you short dances which are easy to follow with the step by step instructions.

The videos are in different styles of dance, and are suitable for both children and adults of different abilities.

So head over to our Online Dance Videos page to have a go at them!

Please get in touch with us today to book in some online dance workshops for your school.

Book your workshop today!

Why not treat your pupils to a dance workshop? We are based in London but have teachers across the UK to bring our workshops to you.