Online Dance Videos

Try our online dance videos – for taster tutorials, or full length dance workshops!

At this strange time when things are on hold, it’s just as important to keep fit and healthy, and do something you love.

So at Zest we decided to film some online dance videos, to keep you all entertained and feeling creative! We have lots of free short taster videos (see below), and some full length workshops, which are paid for. See our Online dance workshops page for more info on these longer lesson videos.

The Mini Videos

Our step by step tutorials below show you how to learn short dances.

The videos are in different styles of dance, and are suitable for both children and adults.

We will teach you lots of short dance moves, and then show you how to put them together to create a dance routine.We always put together a finished dance routine at the end of the video, incorporating all the moves we have shown in the tutorial. This give it a nice ending to the video – so make sure you dance to your fullest!

The dances are short, so why not create your own choreography to add on and extend the dance?


The videos will be in different levels, according to ability

  • Level 1 – Beginners level. Suitable for KS1 children, or adults who are new to dance
  • Level 2 – Intermediate level. Suitable for KS2 and KS3 children, and adults who already have some dance experience
  • Senior dancers – A more gentle pace for older aged dancers

We will be adding more online dance videos as the weeks go on, so keep an eye on this page. Or why not subscribe to our YouTube channel where you will get notified when we put up a new video?


As most of us are isolated at home, clear a space to make sure you have enough room to dance. Or if you are in school, then see if you can get it on the projector screen. Or head outside if you have a garden (and good wifi!).

Warm up and Cool down

Without a teacher there face to face to help with corrections, it’s really important you take care while dancing.

There might be some tricky moves to try, and you don’t want any pulled muscles or injuries. So make sure you do a warm up before you start any of the videos.

It’s also important to do a stretch and cool down after you have finished dancing. So take 5mins at the end of your session to stretch out the major muscle groups.

There are specific warm up and cool down and stretch videos below, for you to follow.

Take Care

If you are under 18years old, make sure an adult knows you are taking part in this tutorial, and be aware that participating in these sessions are at your own risk.

Although Zest has full personal liability insurance to deliver classes online, we cannot take any liability for any injuries sustained by those participating in the videos.

Let us know your ideas

If you have a particular style of dance you’d like to try, get in touch, and we can make a video especially for you!

Warm Up Video – All levels

Street Dance – Level 2

Bollywood Dance – Level 2

Street Dance – Level 1

Contemporary Dance ‘Jungle Animals’ – Level 1

VE Day Dance – Level 2

50’s and 60’s Dance – Level 2

Cool down and stretch

Bollywood Dance – Level 1

Tutting Dance for Lucozade Sport – Level 2

Read our blog post to find out more about this brilliant initiative

We’re going on a bear hunt – Early Years (Made for the Family Support network group)

Line Dance – Level 2

Seniors – Seated Warm Up

Bollywood Dance – Early Years and KS1 (Made for the Family Support network group)

Street Dance – Levels 1 + 2

Seaside Creative Dance – Early Years and KS1

Musical Theatre Dance – KS2

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