Dance is great for co-ordination, balance and spacial awareness. It’s also brilliant for encouraging a healthy lifestyle and the importance of keeping you fit and healthy from a young age.

Our Key Stage One Dance workshops are the perfect time to get your young students interested in dance. We hope to inspire all students about the world of dance, and we tailor our dance workshops especially for Early Years and KS1 classes.

It’s the perfect time to show boys especially that dance is a fun thing to do. Once they have a positive experience from a young age, we hope they will continue to dance.


Dance is great for so many things – co-ordination, balance and spacial awareness are only a few. The children get used to the dance language we use, which is turn helps with their spoken English, and even can relate to maths. Take a look at our tailored Maths and dance workshops as they are great for KS1 classes.

Dance is also brilliant for encouraging a healthy lifestyle. We talk about the importance of keeping fit and healthy from a young age.


At this age children have less inhibitions, so we love to push their creativity. The possibilities are endless about what we can base our dance workshops on. Here are a few popular themes….


Animals – a day at the Zoo

Sea and Water – have fun at the seaside, or explore creature from the sea

Weather – Rain, hail, wind, sun, snow, hurricanes

Space – Astronauts, rockets, planets and even aliens!

Books – pick your favourite book and we can create a dance around it. Check out our Julia Donaldson blog for ideas on book themed workshops

Kings and Queens – castles, Knights, Kings and Queens

Props – we can bring in lots of coloured scarves to dance with

The ideas are limitless, so get in touch to let us know what you have in mind for your Key Stage One Dance workshops.

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