International Week

Want to find a different way to engage your students?

Our International Week Dance Workshops are a great way to celebrate all the different cultures in your school

Schools are very diverse with lots of children coming together from all over the world. So a very popular option is for Zest is to come into your school for an International day or week. It’s great to celebrate our cultural diversity, and learn more about other cultures.

We offer such a wide range of dance styles from all over the world. We teach authentic, traditional and educational dance workshops to your classes – in many different cultural styles.

Traditional dances

We aim to give a true representation of the cultural dances from all over the globe. Your Zest teacher may not be from the chosen country, but they will know the dance style in depth, to give a fantastic workshop.

At the start of each workshop, we give the students some background information on the country that the dance originates. We talk about the history and the culture that surrounds it.

Where possible we bring in costumes and props from the countries. This gives another learning level for the students.

Choose your dance style

We can teach a different dance style/country to each class throughout the day (or week). If you are learning about a particular country in your class, do let us know so we can match it to the dance workshops.

Here are our most popular world dance styles, but we can teach dance from most countries around the world – so just let us know what you’d like!


How about ending your day or week with us in a performance to the whole school? Or you can invite parents to come in and watch. In this way everyone gets to learn a bit about dances from all over the world, when they get to see them performed.


Take a look at our blogs for detailed info about two school’s International Weeks we taught at.

Many different countries were focused on at Hampton Hargate School.

Or choose one country to focus all the dance workshops on. Kings Hawford School chose South America

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