Have flashbacks of dancing when you were in school, with our traditional English Country dance workshops

Get back to your 17th century dancing roots with our English Country dancing workshops.

There are many different choices which all come under the umbrella name of ‘English Country Dancing’.

This dance style can also be useful to incorporate into a History lesson as it can show a different aspect of the time you may be studying, which the children can have fun with.

These dance styles are great at teaching shapes and formations to Early years and SK1 students, such as lines and circles which can be hard for younger ones.

It also encourages working in teams and partner work, with boys and girls working well together.

Choose from these popular Country Dance styles:

May Pole (the school has to have their own May Pole) – A long upright pole with coloured ribbons attached to the top. Each student holds one ribbon and skips in and out of each other weaving intricate patterns

Morris Dancing – A processional dance, usually performed in lines and using props such as a white hankie or a stick

Scottish Dancing – energetic short dances in circles and lines, known as a Ceilidh

Irish Jigs – energetic dances with lots of leg kicks

Our English Country dance workshops are great for

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