We love teaching Early Years dance workshops as at this age children have so much energy and such creative minds!

Our early years dance workshops are great for introducing children to dance through creative movement. At a young age children are really open minded and they love creative play, so it’s the ideal time to get them into dance!

If you have a theme in mind please let us know, or we can suggest some suitable dance styles that this age group will love.

We often use books as a stimulus, so let us know if your class has a favourite one . Read our blog from our successful Julia Donaldson dance workshop that we did at an infant school.

We use lots of creative play and movement to explore themes, and is often lead by the children which we encourage. There is no right or wrong in dance and we love to see where their creative minds take them.

Dance workshops

  • The workshops start off with some dance games. This gets everyone used to the Zest teacher and feeling relaxed.
  • We do a dance warm up, and talk about how important it is to keep fit and healthy.
  • Your dance teacher will bring in props where possible (depending on the theme or dance style you choose)
  • Your teacher will also dress up in a suitable costume (depending on the theme or dance style you choose). This gives an engaging, immersive and memorable experience for the children.
  • Cool down and stretch at the end

Our early years dance classes will usually last up to 30mins.


Music is really important in our workshops to make it come alive. We use music which will transport the young children straight to the dance style or topic they are learning.

The music we use in our workshop will never have any inappropriate language or themes in it.

So please get in touch with us to see how we can bring our early years dance workshops to your school.

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Why not treat your pupils to a dance workshop? We are based in London but have teachers across the UK to bring our workshops to you.