Dance workshops are a great way for children to stay fit, active and healthy and it also increases co-ordination, strength and flexibility from a young age. The workshops help KS1 and KS2 children to work well together in groups and have fun whilst learning a new skill.

We believe in providing educational dance workshops so the children learn about the style, culture and history of the dance, as well as finding out about the country that that dance originates. We talk about the importance of exercise and how we can stay fit and healthy through dancing. Take a look at our dance showreel to see photos and video clips of children enjoying our workshops in many differed styles of dance.

You can pick the dance style you think would be most suitable for your class or school. Take a look at the dance styles we offer or let us know if there is a different style you fancy – our teachers can teach almost any type of dance workshop!

We can teach the same dance style to all the classes, or each class can choose a different style – it’s up to you.

Our dance workshops vary in length, we recommend:

  • From 30-45 minutes for Nursery and Reception.
  • From 45 minutes to one hour for Key Stage 1.
  • From one to two hours is suitable for Key Stage 2 and above.

Zest can structure our days with you in a number of ways and we will fit around your school’s timetable, so just contact us to let us know your requirements.

If you want to fit in six different dance workshops into your school day (years one to six for a primary school), we have found that six workshops of 45 minutes each works well with the standard school timetable. The maximum we can fit is seven workshops in a day, the classes have around 35mins each.

We can teach for a half day or a whole day, let us know what you require.

Dance Workshop Structure

  • Introduction to the background and style of dance chosen for your workshops
  • Full dance warm up
  • Dance ‘games’ to get the pupils used to the teacher and the style of dance
  • We will teach either a short sequence or a full dance routine, depending on the preference of the school and the length of the workshop
  • Choreography: We like the pupils to be able to express themselves, so for the longer session we have time where they can explore their own choreographic ideas in small groups
  • Performance: Either to the rest of the class at the end, or a bigger performance to some other classes in assembly. A performance gives them something to work towards and great ending to the session
  • Cool down and stretch to end
  • Any questions about dance can be asked at this point

For more information on Performance, Assembly, Inset sessions, Special Need schools, Arts week or International week, please see the Dance Workshops Extras page.

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