Want to find a different way to engage your students?

The dance workshop styles are up to you to choose

Whether you are studying a particular country, genre or music style, dance can open up a whole new angle to your subject, and the student’s learning ability is increased.

We will tailor the workshops to suit you, the school’s timetable, and make it National Curriculum friendly.

If you are not sure what dance style to go for have a look at the descriptions below, or let us know if you have another style of dance in mind, our fantastic teachers can teach just about any style!

Or if you fancy trying many different styles of dance throughout the day that is fine too. Just match your classes with their preferred style of dance. Just let us know which dance workshop style you’d like when you contact us.

World Dance Styles

What better way to learn about a country you are studying than with a cultural dance from that country. You can choose one country for all classes in the school, or have each class doing a different country.

If possible, your teacher will also dress up in a costume inspired by that country.

Here are some of the many popular countries we teach dances from:

English Country dance, Scotland, Ireland, India, Australia, Canada, USA, Jamaica, Spain, Italy, Japan, Germany, France, Brazil, China, Mexico, South America, Africa, Greece

Or if you have other dance workshop styles in mind let us know – i’m sure we can do it!

International Week

We can run dance workshops for your International Week where each class or year group studies a different country’s traditional dance during the day/week.

During the workshops we teach the students all some cultural dances based on their chosen country.

We aim to give students a different learning perspective as they get to listen to the music, see photos of traditional costumes we bring in, and learn how people would traditionally dance in those countries.

For more info on what we can do for you, take a look at some of our blogs from schools where we have taught their International Week:

St Andrews Primary and Christchurch Primary Schools

Hampton Hargate School



Click on the photos below for a detailed description of the most popular dance styles we offer….. but we also teach many other styles of dance.

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