Want to find a different way to engage your students?

You may want to add in a few dance workshop extras for your school dance workshop day – here are some things which will make your experience with Zest one to remember!


At Zest we really think that performance is important, whether it be at the end of the class in small groups, or as a whole class in assembly.

An informal performance is great as it gives the participants something to work towards in their sessions, and they feel a great sense of personal achievement at the end. We teach a wide range of styles which you can choose from. Have a look at the Dance Styles page if you are not sure what style to go for….


We can start our day with you with a 15min school assembly. This includes telling the children what we will be doing throughout the day, a bit of background about the style of dance you have chosen, and showing props and costumes relating to that dance style (where appropriate).

Or we can finish the day with an assembly where the classes who have had a workshop can do a short performance to the rest of the school, or even to parents.

An assembly gives the children who were not able to take part in a workshop a chance to see what the others have been up to, they get to experience the music and dance through watching the performance.

International Day/week

A very popular option at Zest is to come into your school for International day/week. As we offer such a wide range of dance styles from all over the world we can teach educational dance workshops to your classes in many different cultural styles.

We always give the students background information on the country the dance originates. We can teach a different style to each class throughout the day or week, ending in a performance to the whole school, and even parents if you wanted to invite them. In this way everyone gets to learn a bit about dances from all over the world when they see them performed.

Take a look at our news section for detailed info about a week long project we did for one school’s International Week.

Arts Week

We could come in for your Arts week or Summer Holiday Club and teach a range of styles to each class and put on a performance at the end of the week.

School Play/Leavers Assembly

We could even help choreograph a school play or work with Year 6 to make their leavers assembly one to remember!

Inset Sessions for teachers

At Zest we are frequently asked by teachers for help in teaching dance lessons as they are often not given much training in this area.

We teach sessions after school for teachers in how to deliver dance workshops for each Key Stage. We leave you with teaching material, notes and music to help. We give you a practical lesson in dance and how to break it all down to teach the children, or how to begin even thinking about a topic in dance terms.

We know lots of teachers find it really hard to teach this subject, and we want to make it easier for you. Please contact us for more details on inset sessions.

Special Needs Schools

Zest teachers have the experience and skills needed when working in special needs schools.

We are used to working with children with different physical or learning disabilities, and we love the feeling of excitement we get back from the students at the end of the workshops.

Our teachers are used to thinking on their feet and adapting their lesson plans and material to suit the individual needs of the children.

We find it very rewarding and enjoyable work, and strive to make Zest dance workshops inclusive for everyone.

For information on our workshop prices please go to the dance workshop prices page or contact us for a specific quote.

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