You can experience the tradition and beauty of Chinese dance with our exciting Chinese dance workshops

You can experience Chinese dance for Chinese New Year in February, or all year round with our Chinese dance workshops.

2020 is the Year of the Rat. People born under the sign of the Rat are said to be cunning, clever and very positive.

We show lots of props before starting the dance workshops – things such as lanterns, Chinese flag, Lion puppet, Lucky hanging ornaments, decorative fans, pictures of Dragon dances and costumes.

Your teacher will wear a Chinese costume and show the children costumes, photos and props (see pic on the right) to do with the history of Chinese dance and to make the workshops really interactive. Zak the traditional Lion puppet is proving a hit with everyone who meets him!

Your students will then get to learn an exciting Fan Dance. They can pre make their simple paper fans before we come in, if you want to make that into an activity to link with it. Or we can bring in Chinese paper fans for everyone to use. Just let us know which you’d prefer.

Chinese New Year

If you want a dance workshops celebrating the Chinese New Year, your workshop will start with the dance teacher telling the story of the new year and how the animals came to be those chosen ones in the zodiac. They will then teach a traditional Chinese dance.

Here are some examples of fans students have made for their dances…

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