We know how hard it can be to get boys to try dance, so we specifically tailor these workshops to appeal to them

We know how hard it can be to get boys to try dance, but once they give it a go they always surprise themselves.

There are some fantastic male dancers in the world, but not enough of them! Dance companies such as Diversity have helped loads in recent years, but we need to get boys dancing from a young age and keep them interested.


When teaching young males in our Boys only dance workshops we always use appropriate familiar music as this is often the first hurdle to get them to enjoy it.

Style of dance

We would suggest a physical session incorporating street dance, break dance and physical theatre. They also love Bollywood dance as it’s high energy and has great music.

If it’s a mixed class with boys and girls we will make the dance sessions very boy friendly and not too girly. Girls are very easy to get dancing and trying new styles, so we really encourage the boys to build up their confidence and interest too.

If you’d prefer a male teacher for your class – just let us know.

Inspirational Male Dancers (a few that inspire us in our dancing)

Hofesh Shechter, Akram Khan, Russell Maliphant, Fred Astaire, Justin Timberlake!

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