From Bollywood dance seen in the movies, to high energy Bhangra or intricate Classical Indian dance, the choice is yours with our Bollywood dance workshops.

From Bollywood dance seen in the movies, to high energy Bhangra or intricate Classical Indian dance, the choice is yours with our Bollywood dance workshops.

Indian dance workshops are very popular with schools as it’s multicultural and the children learn about another country through the dance as well as the exciting things we bring in to show the classes. Bollywood dance is very popular with the children in Early Years, KS1 and KS2, as it’s high energy and not too girly, so the boys totally love it too!

During your Bollywood dance workshop your teacher will wear a fantastic costume to your school and also bring Indian props, jewellery and costumes to show the children. This increases their knowledge of Indian dance and they will even get to dress up in Bollywood scarves too.

You can just have a simple Bollywood dance workshop at your school, or look below for some more exciting ideas, and take a look at our sample Bollywood dance duets from Emily (star Zest pupil!) and Olivia.

Diwali Workshops

Diwali is celebrated Oct/Nov time, so why not introduce your school to some cultural Diwali themed dance workshops. We will tell the story of Rama and Sita and show some Diva Lamps before moving on to teach the Indian dance based on the festival.


You could even start the day with your teacher doing a 20minute assembly to the whole school, telling them about Diwali, showing them props and introducing them to what they will be learning. They will teaching the whole school some hand positions (while they are seated) and even dress up one of the children to look like a Bollywood star. Your dance artist will also perform a short solo which is great to inspire the children. There is an extra cost for this assembly of £30.

Story Telling

We can also do story workshops where we tell Rama and Sita’s incredible story through movement….We bring in teaching material for the children to look at, pictures of Hundu Gods and Mudra classical hand positions. As the story of Rama and Sita is very long and complex, we do different sections of the story throughout the day with different classes. The classes can then put the story together and perform to each other/parents at the end of the day.

Take a look at the prices page for more info.

Bollywood Film projects

Bollywood got it’s name as the city of Bombay (now called Mumbai) is where they make 1,000 Bollywood films a year, many many more than in Hollywood. They originally rhymed it with Hollywood, but in India the films are big business these days with their actors all mega stars! So why not make your own Bollywood school movie? Using multi media disciplines we can help you make a short film using dance, drama music and film skills. We can provide you with the Zest artists to help devise and choreograph your own film, you can even write the script! The children can get involved from every level, whether they want to perform, or are happier making props, writing scripts or shooting behind the camera. We can help you and the children edit your very own movie (great to show at parents evening!). We can also provide a film make to document the project and film the end blockbuster!

This can be done in a week or as a longer project with regular visits to the school till you are ready to start filming.

Contact us for prices.

Bollywood Performances

You could also add in a performance at your school from our professional Bollywood dance company, Bollywood Vibes  who we are linked with. This give the students a chance to see Bollywood dance live, experience the energy and costumes, and it may also inspire them to continue dancing after we have gone! You can have as many dancers as you like performing. Are dancers also lead the Bollywood dance workshops in the day to each class, so they can dance and then teach for you for the rest of the day!

Click here for more information on Bollywood Vibes dance company and please contact Zest for prices, as we do special performance and workshop packages for schools.

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