We deliver many African dance workshops during Black History Month in October, as well as all year around, with this popular and energetic dance style

Schools cover many different cultures from around the globe, and dance is a great way to make these countries/continents come alive for your students.

The drum is the sign of life in Africa, and it’s beat is the heartbeat of the community.

Choreographed to loud drum beats and beautiful voices, we teach a high energy style of African Dance workshops. The movements often tell a story which makes it a great style for younger KS1 children to learn.

Your teacher will also dress up in an Africa inspired costume to give an added flavour of Africa, and we bring African printed material as costumes for the children to wear or use as props to dance with.

See a pics below of the props we bring in, and students wearing the African belts.

There are 54 different countries within the continent of Africa, and the dance changes from region to region. We teach an African dance style which has influences mixed from the whole continent. If you would like a specific style of African dance taught, please contact us to let us know.

We can also teach Gum Boot dance which originated in South Africa. Get your children to bring in wellies  to wear for this historic and energetic dance workshop. It was created by African slaves in the goldmines, who used foot rhythms and slapping of their gum boots to communicate and send messages to each other. Let us know if you want this style of African dance.

Black History Month is focused in October each year, so contact us to get yours booked in.

Take a look at an example of African dance. This choreography would be suitable for older KS2 children but can of course be adapted and made simpler for younger years.

We can also provide music workshops to accompany the dance. We work closely with  African musicians who do fantastic drumming workshops in schools and have many years of experience.

They bring lots of African drums for everyone to use. They teach the basics of how to play an African drum, and then how to put all the rhythms together to make a fantastic piece in a short time.

Please contact us for more info on these music workshops, prices, and how they would work for your school.

Please see the pics below of the drumming workshops:

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Why not treat your pupils to a dance workshop? We are based in London but have teachers across the UK to bring our workshops to you.