Lucozade Sport Initiative


It’s Olivia, Zest’s director here. I am really excited to have been selected for the Lucozade Sport initiative, to be part of their ‘Keep us moving’ campaign!

‘Keep Us Moving’ campaign

It’s an initiative to keep the country fit and active while we are all on lockdown. Lucozade are selecting a different fitness professional to feature on their social media platform every day.

The Lucozade Sport initiative are supporting the entries by giving them lots of exposure on their social platforms. They are also paying them £1,000 each! What a wonderful thing for them to recognise that we have had a sudden loss in our jobs and that they want to keep us going. A brilliant company all round i’d say.

Criteria for entries and inspiration

  • I had to submit a fitness instruction video which lasts no longer than 15mins
  • It can’t use any fancy equipment in it
  • It’s got to engage the audience, and take them through a workout to keep the nation fit and active.

It was hard to decide what to do for my video. There hadn’t been any dance ones on there so far, so I wasn’t even sure they would want one as it was really different from their current videos.

They lay music over the top of the video afterwards, so it was hard for me to create it without a beat, as I usually use music first to inspire the dance. There wasn’t much space at home for me to film it, so I had to keep everything contained. I wanted to do something interesting, yet pretty mainstream to engage as many people as possible…

So I went for Tutting! It’s a form of Street dance which uses your arms and fingers. It’s pretty static with your body, plus it looks cool, so it was a good choice I thought.

I waited 4 weeks before I heard back from them, so I was convinced I hadn’t been chosen. I was over the moon when they contacted me to say I had been selected as one of their featured videos!

Head over to Lucozade Sport on Instagram to see all their videos, and have a go at a range of fitness styles.

My official video

Here’s my official video below, I hope you enjoy it!