The benefits of dance

The benefits of dance are infinite, but in this tough time when school’s budgets are being cut left, right and centre, where does that leave dance?
Why should dance still be an important part of a child’s education?
We strongly believe that dance has so many hidden benefits for children, for their growth into strong, healthy and confident adults.

Here’s what it does –

Builds Character
Gives confidence
Develops creativity
Improves fitness: core strength, coordination, body image, posture and self esteem
Teaches respect and good attitudes
Shows you can excel at a creative subject, especially if you are not that academic
Opens up new ways to look at a topic you are studying
Distracts from other stresses in life, and helps with depression and other mental health issues
Improves memory and brain power
Develops social skills and making new friends
Feels great to move your body in a free way and expressive way
Improves concentration
Develops resilience
Improves leadership skills
Reduces obesity and other health issues
Teaches skills which can be used in other areas of life
Improves sleep quality
Keeps you looking young and feeling healthy as you grow older

Plus it’s FUN, and who doesn’t like fun?!

Shows such as Strictly Come Dancing, The Greatest Dancer, Dancing on Ice, and Britain’s Got Talent are hugely popular at the moment. They are great for inspiring young people to dance, and they show the hard work and dedication it takes to achieve a high level in dance. But they also show the fun you can have while learning – so why not have a go? If you can’t get a workshop in your school, there are hundreds of classes taught locally around the UK.

We found this interesting blog from a young dancer about how dance has helped her mental health:

To find out more about our dance workshops and which style of dance you might like, take a look around our site, and contact us if you have any questions.