Street dance festival workshops

The Rise Up Festival (put on by The Lumen Learning Trust), invited us back for a second year running to put on loads of Street dance festival workshops.

It was set in the forest at Walton Firs activity grounds.

There were around 200 children attending the three day event, from schools all around South West England. The kids and teachers were camping in the woods for two nights (sleep – what’s that?). They were then doing loads of activities during the days. No camping for us as we went home each night and came back refreshed in the morning haha.

Some of their most popular workshops that were happening were the Forensic Workshops, Drumming Workshops, Assault Courses in the woods (extremely muddy kids at the end of this one!). The Silent Disco at night sounded amazing – where they tried out some of our Street dance festival workshop moves.

We ran loads of Street dance workshops to loads of groups each day. The groups were mixed with children from different schools in each workshop. So we played some dance games at the start to encourage everyone to get to know each other and form new friendships.

Dance Games

Games included a name game using funky moves, a corners game, and everyone’s favourite – Limbo.

Dance routine

Then we taught a cool dance routine to the song ‘Turn it up’ by Armin Van Burren. It is a strong punchy song which both the boys and girls loved. They had to continue the dance in groups were they added on some of their own street dance moves.

We then did a cool down and stretch at the end of the workshops, so that no one would get aching muscles.

It was really hot over the festival, so we talked about the importance of staying hydrated, especially while dancing or doing exercise.

Here’s a mini clip of the fun we had over the three days…