Between The Tracks – Youth Group

May 18, 2019by Olivia

We were asked to participate in a yough project by a group in South London called ‘Between The Tracks’. They were putting on a community event as part of a fundraising project to raise money for the group.

They were running stalls and activities at the party, and also wanted to perform a dance piece at it, so they asked us to teach them a Street dance.

But we only had 2 rehearsals together, each lasting an hour, so not much at ALL to put together a piece to perform eeekkk!

We had a lovely group of young people attending – but not all the same people for each rehearsal (another eeekkk!) but there were keen and up for the challenge.

We chose a Street dance using a prop to make it more physical and interactive. They loved using the newspapers and really got into it, encorporating them into their mini solos during the dance.

It was lovely to see so many of their families and local people turn up for the party, and the dance was the highlight of the afternoon.

So here’s the video of them performing. It’s not as polished as we’d like, but in only 2hrs we think they did a fab job!