Sevenoaks Prep School – Centenary celebrations

March 19, 2019by Olivia

We have been working with Sevenoaks Prep School for a month with a group of 40 Year 3 students. Every week we have run workshops for an hour and a half, with the challenge of  a different style of dance each week.

Chinese fan dance (it was Chinese Yew Year at the time so it fitted in nicely).

Bollywood dance

Scottish dance

African dance

They were working towards a performance to celebrate the Centenary of the school, as it’s been running from 1919 – 2019, so all classes were involved in a performance of some kind. Year 3 chose dance!

They were really hard working students and threw themselves into the new dance styles each week. They worked really well together as a team and really enjoyed it all, as did we – it’s really satisfying teaching young people who are keen to try something new, and make it look good too!

We taught around two minutes of a finished dance on each of the weeks, which were videoed at the end of the workshop so that everyone remembered them. The teachers had a challenge too… for the next week they were going to work with everyone to create a big dance. They were going to take one minute sections of each dance we taught, and put them together to make one whole dance, with different groups doing the different dance styles. This is what they are going to perform to the whole school, friends and family at the local theatre next week at their Centenary celebration night!

We can’t wait to see the end video from the night, and see how well they got on (and I hope to get a copy so I can share it with you blog readers).

So good luck to year 3, its been fab teaching you!