Black History Month dance workshops

Black History Month in October is a popular time for our African dance workshops.

Our African dance workshops use fantastic traditional music and songs to dance to, with high energy beats and interesting drumming rhythms.

We like to give some background history at the start of each workshop, so the students can get a better idea of the culture and history of Africa. There are 54 countries in the continent of Africa, and the dance styles can often be vastly different depending on their location. For example Egyptian dance is nothing like Gumboot dance from South Africa, which is again nothing like dance from Nigeria!

So the African dance that we teach tends to be from countries in East Africa like Kenya and Ethiopia, which has the traditional moves and feel of typical African dance.

But we can do other African styles, so do let us know if there’s a specific country in African you’d like us to do the dancing from.

We bring in batik printed African material which we have made into belts. So that each student can get dressed up a bit at the start of the workshops.

The format of our African dance workshops goes like this:

  • Brief introduction into African dance and it’s history
  • Dressing up in the African belts
  • Dance warm up
  • Teaching an African dance routine
  • The students may have time to work on and add on a bit of their choreography
  • Cool down and stretch

Drumming workshops

For something to compliment the African dance workshops, we also offer African drumming workshops too! We provide lots of drums to get your students playing African rhythms, making lots of noise, learning a new skill, having loads of fun. Find out more about our African drumming workshops here.

For more info on the dance or drumming workshops and a dance demo video so you get a flavour of the dance style, visit our African dance page

So please get in touch if you’d like us to bring a workshop to your school during Black history month.