Summer Holiday dance workshops

No rest for the wicked eh! We have been teaching loads of summer holiday dance workshops during the school holidays, and having a whale of a time.

We have been to lots of different holiday clubs in and around London, providing dance workshops for a large number of children.

Usually we do whole day dance workshops, but we can also do half days, or hour workshops – it’s up to you what would work best for your group.

The popular dance styles we have been teaching:

Street dance which is always popular with young people. We use current chart music that everyone will recognise (with clean lyrics – which is not an easy thing these days). We do lots of dance and some drama games, as well as teaching a main energetic dance routine.

Bollywood dance The children love dressing up in the costumes we provide – colourful coined belly scarves and giant gold medals, and Bindis. We use the latest Bollywood songs from the movies which have really great infectious tunes.

1920’s Dance Gatsby is a big theme right now and a really popular dance style. We teach lots of different dance styles from around the 1920’s, like Jive, Swing and Charleston. It’s got tricky footwork but looks great once you have mastered it.

Brazilian Carnival dance Perfect to feel the summer carnival vibes! We teach Brazilian Samba dance, so get your fancy feet moving and your hips shimmying!

We also played loads of dance games to get everyone warmed up and working well together as often in holiday clubs the children don’t know everyone there (or the dance teacher). The games also work on their coordination, focus, and gets their creative juices flowing, which makes it easier to teach the dance routines.

So if you are in need for a Summer holiday dance workshop (or half term workshops) for you school or group, please get in touch to talk about your requirements.