Transport Themed Arts Week

A transport themed arts week was a fun challenge that we were set by Glebe School. It’s our 3rd year running delivering dance workshops for their arts week, and we love going back there.
In previous years we have done themes of Decades, and Animal, so we wondered what they would throw at us this time…. It was Transport!

It’s a big school, a three form entry, so we were based there for three days which was great. All the children remember us from previous years, so there’s a lovely atmosphere in the school. Everyone anticipates their dance workshops and the fun week ahead.

Everyone worked hard as we only had 40min workshops with each class, and we had to produce a finished short dance in that time. Then on the 3rd day everyone gets to perform their dances in two big school performances . So it’s a high intensity workshop to get everyone knowing their dances, and feeling happy and confident with them.

Each year group had a different kind of transport to focus on:

Reception and Nursery – vehicles

Year 1- transport on land

Year 2- transport in water

Year 3- transport in the sky (our personal favourite as we found a perfect song called ‘Hip Hop Helicopter!)

Year 4- transport in the future

Year 5- transport in space

Year 6- transport under the earth

It was a challenge doing ‘transport in the future’ in particular. We got the children into groups to create their own futuristic transport. But with only 40mins and to produce something which could be performed at a later time, that was a challenge as usually we would take much longer getting creative with everyone!

The performances went really well though and everyone loved seeing all the other classes dance, and what their different themes were.

I look forward to going back next year, and what theme Arts Week will take then… we can only imagine!

If a transport themed arts week is not for you, do let us know a different theme and i’m sure we can come up with some great dances for your school.