National Citizen Service – Inspirational Days

Zest was asked to run a series of dance workshops in Stratford-Upon-Avon, for the National Citizen Services. This company run activities and workshops for people aged between 15-17yrs in all kinds of subjects. The aim is to inspire the young people and get them trying lots of different activities.

We love this quote from their mission statement – “to learn the skills they don’t teach you in class and create unforgettable memories”. This is exactly what Zest strives to do too. So much focus is on learning the core subjects in in schools from a young age. But dance, music and creativity also offers so much more – in creating well rounded amazing people!

We were glad to offer some dance workshops for the NCS, and we think they really achieve their mission in the two days we spent with them.

The first day we taught lots of Bollywood dance workshops, and then a second day of just Street dance. We had lots of different groups of young people, and the enjoyed learning the new dances and getting to know each other.


For the Bollywood day we bought in lots of Indian props to show everyone at the start of the workshop, as well as getting everyone dressed up in belly scarves and Bindis. We taught lots of Bhangra dance moves in the warm up, as well as teaching a high energy Bollywood dance for the main routine.

Street dance

The Street dance music we used were all familiar tracks that everyone recognised, and loved dancing to. We did some strength and conditioning exercises in these workshops, and talked about the need to stay fit and active to keep a healthy lifestyle.

There were some fantastic characters and loads of teenage hormones in the room (haha) but they all had great energy and threw themselves at the challenges we gave them!

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