WW2 Dance Workshops

.WW2 dance workshops bring the topic of world war two alive, with the music and dance of the era. The Zest dance teacher also wears a costume to fit the time, to give an all round immersive experience.

Zest taught an Enrichment Day recently at King Alfred School in Golders Green to 4 of their Sixth Form classes. They had loads of exciting workshops booked throughout the day, and they asked us to teach some WW2 dance workshops to fit with their theme for the day. They were really great students taking part, and very supportive and fun teachers which always helps!

Waltz dance

We started off by showing them some video clips of traditional Waltz dancing, and then some more modern clips from ‘Strictly come Dancing’, which some of them recognised. We did dance a warm up and then everyone paired up to learn the basic Waltz steps. When they all had mastered that, we taught a dance routine incorporating those moves and adding lots of turns and dips with the girls.

They totally loved it and looked really amazing dancing with their partners – we were seriously impressed.

The students said it was one of the best workshops they had ever done, so we were really chuffed. That means A LOT coming from usually moody teenagers! The teachers have asked us to come back next July before their Summer Prom, so we can recap the dance and they can kick off the prom with a performance.

So a brilliant and fulfilling day was had all round!

We love this dance which was performed on Strictly, to celebrate Remembrance day.

Inspirational dance video

1940’s dance styles

We focused on the Waltz for this workshop. But there are lots of other dances that people did around the 1940’s. We can teach you any of these dance styles if you wanted to try something particular:


  • Swing
  • Jitterbug
  • Lindy Hop
  • Charleston
  • Waltz

Get in touch if you want to find out more about our WW2 dance workshops