Passport to India….

The theme was ‘Passport to India’ on this brilliant day we had at Middle Street Primary School in Brighton, We were booked to do an afternoon of Indian dance, but this was no ordinary afternoon….

Time to Pack!

The pupils of year 3 had been told to bring in holiday clothes and a small suitcase to school that day. But they had no idea what was in store for them. They arrived with hats, sunglasses and flip flops on! During lunch break their teacher had transformed her classroom into an aeroplane. It was set to take them all on a trip to India for the afternoon!

The teachers and support staff were dressed as air stewardesses and tour guides, and they served Popadoms on the 8hr ‘flight’ to Mumbai.

Bollywood Choreographer

The children were whisked with all their luggage into the hall where they were greeted by a Bollywood film choreographer (our Zest dance teacher).

They explained that we were all in Mumbai, the home of Indian movies. The director was on his way to see if his new dancers were ready to film their scene. The children were all so excited and totally immersed in the action and adventure.

We provided costumes with colourful hip scarfs and bindis, so they were all in the Bollywood spirit. We got to work doing a warm up and a Bollywood dance game. Next we taught them a Bollywood dance to the famous track ‘Chammak Challo’, which they loved.

Sadly we got the message that the ‘director’ was running late and so he couldn’t come to watch the performance. So we filmed it instead to show him (the parents) later.

Make memories

It was such a brilliant afternoon and one we think the children will always remember. Wish we had creative teachers like that when we were in school!

Passport to India is a fab theme. But we can tailor our dance workshops to fit with any countries you may be studying. So let us know what you have in mind and we can come up with some fantastic ideas to transport your students all over the globe.