Secondary School dance workshops

Our secondary school dance workshops are inclusive and engaging. We want to encourage more young people to stay fit and healthy, and dance is a great way to achieve that.

Our dance workshops can also be aimed at students who may want more of a challenge in dance, or are studying GCSE or A Level dance. We can tailor our workshops to suit your needs and requirements.

We recently taught some secondary school dance workshops at Pakefield High School in Lowestoft for their LE@P day (Learning Experience @ Pakefield). They are a new school, have only been open just over a year. They are already having amazing results with the students who have previously been ‘hard to reach’ in their other school.

Their LE@P days are put on once a term by different faculties in the school, this was the turn of the Arts department. There were a whole range of workshops that the students could choose to do during the day. From dance, graffiti, music production, Carnival, Stomp, African drumming and Art.

The day started off with the whole school in the main hall for an assembly. The regular teachers there are really inspirational and passionate about their students, and it clearly rubs off onto them as they were all lovely to teach and wanted to make the most of us being there.

We provided two Zest dance teachers. One did a short introduction and then performed a Bollywood dance for them, with the teacher dressed in a Bollywood costume. Then the male teacher did a Hip Hop demonstration for them.

Plan for the day

The female teacher was asked to teach a group of 30 girls from years 7-9 for the whole day. She taught them Bollywood, Chinese Fan and Spanish Fusion dance. They had an hour and a half learning each dance. The zest teacher also showed them clips of each dance at the beginning of each session. This was to inspire then and give them an idea of what the chosen dance would be like.

Our male teacher taught a boys group three different dance workshops; Street dance, a dance using chairs as a prop, and Break dance. His boys group have only been taught by female teachers up till now, so they were over the moon to work with Andrea. He in return felt privileged to be working with such a talented group of young men.


At the end of the day the whole school came back for an ending assembly and sharing. One girls group performed their Bollywood dance (complete with everyone wearing a colourful Indian hip scarf). The boys group showed their chair dance which was amazing. They all did brilliantly and got so much out of the day.

It was like having a pop star in the building, all the girls wanted photos and autographs with Andrea our male teacher at the end of the day!

We will hopefully going back to Pakefield a few more times this year to continue the dance work we have started, and we’ll look forward to it, we all had a brilliant day!