Contemporary Dance Workshops – Fuerza Bruta

We love teaching Contemporary dance workshops, and we were totally blown away by the inspirational Argentinian based Fuerza Bruta at London’ s Roundhouse last night – and what a show! We had seen it before in 2006 and loved it then. So we wanted to see if it still had the wow factor – and it had.


It’s a physical theatre piece with the action going on around and on top of you. The audience stands in the middle of the space and you have to move at various points as new sets come into the space. The performers do a lot in harnesses, whizzing and dancing their way around the perimeter of the space.

There’s a giant travelator machine where a man runs through walls of cardboard boxes and navigates his way through the obstacles of his life. It is exhausting to watch!

There’s a couple on each side of a giant sail, desperately trying to get to each other while the sail spins and flaps dangerously.

The audience at one point helps to bring a huge plastic cover across our heads which the performers then walk on. Dancers pop through the top, abseiling down and picking up audience members to take back up!

Our favourite part was when giant clear bottomed paddling pools were lowered from the ceiling. The dancers slide and flip in the water. The lighting on the water ripples, and the patterns the dancers make with the water is really beautiful.

The live music is powerful as well as the lighting, dry ice, water and confetti that flies into the audience. This show brings all your senses alive and excites us with what can be achieved in a performance. It inspires us to create exciting Contemporary dance through our workshops too.

Contemporary dance

Our Contemporary dance workshops vary depending on if you have a topic or theme you want us to create a dance around. So get in touch if you have a creative idea, and we can help bring it to life.